Steve Davis B.A (Hons),A.l.c.m


Steve was born in Doncaster on the 7th of April 1962. At the age of 18 he was playing in local rock bands performing regularly around the Northern club circuit. At the age of 20 Steve became a fully professional musician touring all around the world in various venues with various bands. Notable achievements were his tour of South Africa in the early eighties appearing to an arena stadium audience of over 20,000 people supporting many South African bands including Ladysmith Black Mambasa and Johnny Clegg and Jaluka.

Being a graduate of the London College of Music Steve has also worked as a session musician/producer and arranger for many artists and has also released classical recordings of the Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto and Vivaldi’s Mandolin concerto and it was these skills that have seen him work for many cruise companies as a band leader and arranger having worked with many named artists such as John Denver and Gladys Knight.

His love of rock/blues and metal music has always been the main driving force of Steve’s playing however these days he is mainly interested in playing and writing/producing this genre of music.Rock n Roll!

MY musical life history !